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revue in the head can happen psychologically recommended revised and now "Ai no mukidashi (engl.Titel" Love Exposure ")

Hi !!!!=^.^=

It reflects what is recommended.
This time a movie. .. And honestly as I am .. it is already a good 3 months since I've seen the film, yet the recommendation is only now. >. \u0026lt;
The main reason is that I have used only times the two months to revise what happened now because this movie is ^ ^
I was really torn, ..
the film was between achievement and masterpiece .. mental destruction .
I could well 2 days after I had seen the film no longer sleep well .. since the film has me confused the most thought triggered in my head.

moment ... to be ne recommendation and no warning!
who is not mentally so weak minded, the movie will not live as I did. Especially since I am into movies / series / books and other easily accessible too caught up>. \u0026lt;

I'll even be clearly stated what I mean * cough *
Ai no mukidashi (English title "Love Exposure")

I, the yes now does not really have much idea ... would the film as an audacious blend of: splatter Soft porn, drama, comedy and romance (?) describe the simple every possible Ramen breaks (which is not on the film length of almost 4 hours !)
fun time, sometimes deeply sad, sometimes silly again entirely frivolous, sophisticated but in any case and clever;)

But I'm a fan of detailed pictures, telling stories .. pronounced and long conversations.
One might think that this film tells in 4 hours, could you loose pack in 90 minutes.
But what would Love Exposure then become a film?
This film lives simply by his attention to detail! Moreover is individually less from each character's story, and so also changes from character to character as the narrative, which makes the piece even more interesting!
(To just clarify, yes I love the movie despite mental near-destruction)

director Sion Sono
now and then would have stayed with me a few shock moments like saves, seen as a bit too like a girl to her father to be Penis with a knife separates.>. \u0026lt; wude not saved with blood and I felt a little reminiscent of Kill Bill .
Anyway, Sion Sono a little something like the Japanese Quentin Tarantino he understands it quite well near his films to build on the border of insanity. I love his movies simple, (I think a smile to Suicide Circle, Strange Circus , Exte, etc..) What I was eventually led to Love Exposure .
all titles from Sion Sono read here

So now, but back to topic times ... and just explain what it is exactly because the movie is about!

Yu is really a good pupil, but to the attention of his priest-father with smaller and larger sins courting.
He begins to shoot girls under their skirts to obtain desired attention. When he meets at one of his voyeuristic excursions to his true love Yoko, it gets complicated: she is the daughter of the affair of his father, who lives with him from now on under one roof, this is the Yoko of their sexual orientation is not so sure . Above all, seems to have a crush Yoko in the power woman Sasori, but this is none other than Yu, who lost after a Bet in this disguise landed ist.Kurz before Yu can tell her this, appears a strange girl who claims to be Sasori to involve with the intention of Yoko and her family in a cult.
is kidnapped when his whole new family of this mad sect begins to Yu, the great struggle for his love.

Takahiro Nishijima
Hikari Mitsushima
For the filling, I do not say much except:
Takahiro Nishijima is even more sinister than sweet little pervert and Hikari Mitsushima impressive proof of what she has on it!

Trailer: * see have !!!!*

this movie there should be even in German , but please heed my advice and see in you is in the original version of * begging * the only way to Such a film really well!

Well, I actually knew about the movie are so many things to write, but if it is a lot of reads wahschreinlich no.
so we leave it here:
A 4-hour masterpiece that was to have seen any Japanese film fan at least once. convinced the film with detailed pictures and intimate delusional characters! soft-minded people should know is that they go with the movie on an absurd journey.

So that's , and now makes even know what I say and you see the movie>. \u0026lt;



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